Thursday, September 8, 2011

Animal Defenders International Lion Donation, WIP03 - Closeup

Hi All,

Nancy asked that I post a closeup of the muzzle, in one of her comments.  So...... here it is!

If you have any questions just speak up and keep scribbling!!



  1. Your fur is so lifelike and real. Do you have any tutorials on how to capture it so well?

  2. Thank you Talia!! Yes, I do have a few kits on how to draw dogs. You can find them on the following webpage: Scroll down to the bottom of that webpage and you'll see them. One is done on smooth white paper and the other is done on the Suede Mat board. The Suede mat board is what this Lion is being done on.

  3. Hi Barbara, I'm sorry I didn't comment on your comment. First off... Thanks so much!!! For some reason I missed you comment so therefore it didn't get published.