Thursday, December 27, 2012

Mountain Lion Work in Progress - 01

 Hello All,

It's been a while since I have posted so I thought I better post a Work In Progress of what I'm working on.

This is a Mountain Lion from Montana.  I took his picture about 3 years ago and have been wanting to do a piece on him for quite some time.

He is done with 100% Colored Pencil on light tan suede mat board.

The first image to the left is of his nose and muzzle.  The next I continued to work on his face, up the bridge of his nose and I put in his eyes.

The next image I am just continuing to put in the rest of his face.

This piece is 12" X 16".  To the right of the mountain lion head will be sky with clouds in the sky.  Hidden in the clouds will be an Indian Chief (head shot as well).  Hopefully this will work out the way I envision it.  I found a picture of an Indian Chief on a public domain site.  I plan on making it obscure so although it will be copied from that site, it is public domain and it will be very different from the original picture.  My plan is to call this piece "Animal Totem".

If you are wondering if I am going to finish the elephants...... I will finish them.  I just had to set them aside because I am working on my book which is the complete colored pencil guide to cats, both wild and domestic.  So..... anything I do right now needs to be cats.  This mountain lion piece will be in the book but only partially.  Parts of the lion will be demoed in the book and there may be a completed shot of it on a filler page.

I hope all of you are having a Happy Holiday, no matter what it is you celebrate.  This is a the time of the year to appreciate one another and I have to say I appreciate all of you!  Don't forget to keep Scribbling!!