Saturday, March 23, 2013

My Dog and I at the Dog Show

Hi All,

I thought I would post a video of my dog, Cage, and myself at the dog show yesterday.  He got the second leg of his CD title (Companion Dog).  He was such a good boy and the judge really like him!  Here's the link the video:


Friday, March 22, 2013

Bobcat Kittens "Double Trouble" 2

Double Trouble

I did some more tweaking on this piece.  I didn't like the way the side of the faces was working along with some suggestions from my treasured friend and expert artist, Arlene Steinberg.

Anyway...... I made some corrections, let me know if you think it works!

Keep Scribbling!!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Bobcat Kittens "Double Trouble"

"Double Trouble"

Hi All,

As I mentioned before I am in the process of creating a book titled, "CP Cats, A Complete Colored Pencil Guide To Wild and Domestic Cats".

I just finished one of the full projects for the book, they are a pair of Bobcat kittens, I had so much fun photographing them that I just had to do a piece from that photo shoot.

It's 100% colored pencil and done on tan suede mat board.  The title of the piece is "Double Trouble", the size is 12" x 10" and I did it from my own photo reference.

Unfortunately I can't give much information on how I created it because that is all in the book.  If you should have any comments or questions, just ask and I will try to answer what I can without giving away too much of what is already in the book.

Keep Scribbling!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Mountain Lion - Animal Totem

"Animal Totem; Cougar and the Cloud Spirits"
Hi All,

I did some more work on this piece and I think I like it better.  Also, the scan is a lot truer to the real piece.  I worked on the clouds and faded out the Native American a bit more.

This will be one of my Colored Pencil Society Of America entries.  If you should have any questions or comments let me know.

Keep Scribbling!  Gemma