Thursday, June 21, 2012

National Wildlife Federation Photo Contest

Hi Everyone!!

I entered a photography contest on the National Wildlife Federation Website.  Can you please go in and vote for my photos for the People's Choice award?  You can vote on all of my photos and you can also vote once a day for as many days as you would like, you will have to register to vote.  I would really really appreciate it if you go in and vote numerous times.  

Here's the link to my photo gallery on the National Wildlife Federation Website:

Thanks so much.... and.... Keep Scribbling!!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Performing Animal Welfare Society Elephants - WIP01

Reference Drawing Before Editing out the Cable

Upper Left corner of the Drawing
Hi All,

I thought it might interest you to see my reference drawing prior to editing the cable from the drawing.  I took this picture at the Performing Animal Welfare Society Sanctuary (PAWS).  I used the clone tool in Photoshop to remove the cable (see first image to the left).  You can see the finished reference photo in my previous post.  I plan my reference and composition in Photoshop.  I create a contour drawing from that reference and then transfer it to my support.  I use a grid to create the contour drawing and also use the grid to refer to while creating the colored pencil piece.  I do erase parts of the grid as I go so it won't show up in the drawing.

The second image to the left is my first post of my colored pencil drawing.  This piece will be 16" X 24", it's being done on Strathmore 500 Bristol Vellum and it's 100% colored pencil.  I am using solvent after laying down the first couple of layers.  This scan seems to be showing up more yellow than it is in true life but at least you can get an idea of how I create my artwork as I go. 

I'm using all of the French Grey's, Chocolate, some of the Warm Grey's, Dark Umber, Light Umber, White, Black, Cloud Blue, Beige Sienna and some of the Browns from my Derwent Studio Pencils.  I think that's about it.  If you should have any questions or comments just let me know.

Keep Scribbling!!