Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Bobcat Running in the Snow - Work in Progress - 02


Hi Everyone!

I haven't had a chance to work to much on this piece but, I thought I would post an update anyway. I've had a really busy time so haven't had a lot of extra time to do art, hopefully this will change soon. As I move along it will most likely start looking like a bobcat running in the snow, for now this is it, LOL.

This is done with 100% Colored Pencil on white Clairefontaine Pastelmat Card and the size is 12" x 18". The image above is what I've gotten done so far.

I haven't come up with a title yet but do have several in mind. I'm kind of leaning towards, "Snow Much Fun" or "Pawsitively Chilly". Here is a list of the titles I have come up with so far, maybe you can help me out:
  • Stay on Track
  • Snow Much Fun
  • Dashing Thru the Snow
  • Pawsitively Chilly
  • Up to Snow Good
  • Wild at Heart
  • Winter Wonderland 
  • Rise and Glide
  • Snow Way Out
  • Frosty Fun
  • Paradise Doesn’t Have to be Tropical 
The reference photo I used to create this work was taken by myself while visiting Triple D Wildlife in Montana. I was there in January 2018 and I absolutely had a blast. I have to say it was interesting, for this California girl, to be there in the snow. I got a ton of photos while I was there, and I'm sure, I will do more artwork from that photo shoot. At this point I've already done 4 others. I posted the reference photo in the first posting on this work in progress.

If you have any questions or comments don't hesitate to speak up.

Keep Scribbling!

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