Saturday, March 23, 2013

My Dog and I at the Dog Show

Hi All,

I thought I would post a video of my dog, Cage, and myself at the dog show yesterday.  He got the second leg of his CD title (Companion Dog).  He was such a good boy and the judge really like him!  Here's the link the video:



  1. I just saw this Gemma! Wow, what a well trained dog! He sure does the "watch me" command beautifully! Actually he did everything beautifully :D

    1. Thank you Peggy!!! He really is a good boy. Tomorrow we are going to another 2 day dog show. Hopefully he will qualify on one of the days, if he does he has his CD (companion dog) title. Then we move on to the next title, although, we do have some training to do before we try for that title. I love competing in obedience, it's so much fun!