Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Bobcat Kittens "Double Trouble"

"Double Trouble"

Hi All,

As I mentioned before I am in the process of creating a book titled, "CP Cats, A Complete Colored Pencil Guide To Wild and Domestic Cats".

I just finished one of the full projects for the book, they are a pair of Bobcat kittens, I had so much fun photographing them that I just had to do a piece from that photo shoot.

It's 100% colored pencil and done on tan suede mat board.  The title of the piece is "Double Trouble", the size is 12" x 10" and I did it from my own photo reference.

Unfortunately I can't give much information on how I created it because that is all in the book.  If you should have any comments or questions, just ask and I will try to answer what I can without giving away too much of what is already in the book.

Keep Scribbling!


  1. Gemma, these bobcats are absolutely amazing!! I don't know how you are able to add such detail with colored pencil on the suede...what brand do you use if you don't mind sharing?

    1. Hi Colette,

      Thank you so much!! In this piece I used Prismacolor pencils, however; I do, typically use several brands. In this piece I only used Prismas because it's for the book and I wanted my readers to be able to easily get the pencils; some brands aren't always that easy to get.

      Then nice thing about the suede mat board is it does allow the CP's to behave more opaque.

      Thanks again,