Monday, August 1, 2011

Ostrich - WIP05 - Here's Lookin' at Ya

Hi Everyone!

Well... I finally finished this guy.  I'm going to title it "Here's Lookin' at Ya".  It's 100% Colored Pencil on UArt, 600 grit sanded surface and the piece is 16" X 16".

I'm fairly happy with it, I have to say I struggled a bit with the UArt but I am getting used to it and I'm sure I will be using it again.  I also used the heated Icarus Board which help saturate the paper very quickly.  

Next I have to do a commission piece.  It will be an male African Lion.  That piece is being done for Animal Defenders International, they are a group I do some volunteering for.  I'll be posting a work in progress so don't forget to check back.

If you should have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to ask.  Comments are welcomed as well.  Don't forget to keep scribbling!!



  1. I LOVE this! The eyes look so real and the colors you used on the beak are beautiful!
    I use the UArt with the heated board as well, isn't it great the way the color just saturates the paper with the heat!! The colors become even more vibrant!

  2. Well, thats a face to make you smile!! Lovely work.

  3. Thanks Dianna!!! Yeah.. I really like that board and I'm getting used to the UArt but I have to say I'm liking it more and more, I will definitely give it another try.

  4. Thanks Sue... I have to say when I saw the photo I took, it just made me laugh. I love to draw things that make you laugh.

  5. Beautiful job Gemma! I enlarged the image and wow, what a terrific job on his/her beak. I got lost in all the lovely colours. I have to confess I am not a fan of UArt (yet anyway) but I haven't tried it with the Icarus Board. Great title by the way! :-)

  6. Thanks Carrie and Teresa!!

    Teresa, I'm actually starting to like UArt. I think using the Icarus board helped me with that a lot tho.

  7. Fun close up portrait! I like the way you handled the fur(?) or hair (?) and the glassy reflections in the eyes!

  8. Thanks Kendra!!! I really appreciate that!!