Friday, July 29, 2011

Stroke of Genius 4, Best of Drawing Contest

 Hi All,

Well... I guess you might be wondering what happened to me.  As I am sure you can imagine, as the Conventions Director of CPSA, I was extremely busy with the convention planning.  I have to say, CPSA pulled off another great convention but I am glad to get back to my art.

I just got some extremely good news.  I got an email notifying me that one of my pieces of artwork was accepted in the "Strokes of Genius 4, Best of Drawing" contest.  The really great thing about this news is that the winning contestants will have their artwork published in one of the Northlight books called "Stokes of Genius, Best of Drawing".  They had 1650 entries and only accepted 112 artists.  I have no idea which drawing they accepted but I'm supposed hear the details by August 6th.

The two artworks I entered are posted here to the left.  They are "Rest Stop" and "Gulliver".

As of right now, there are 2 Stokes of Genius books publish and one on pre-order.  Stokes of Genius 3 will be published and available in November so I'm thinking the Stokes of Genius 4 (which is the one my artwork will be in) won't be available for at least a year or so.  None the less... this is a very exciting milestone for me as a colored pencil artist.  I am definitely doing the happy dance!

Here is the link for the accepted artists:  I want to congratulate the rest of the Colored Pencil artists who made the cut.  I see several names I recognize and am very proud to be included with those colored pencil artists I admire.

I am back to work on the Ostrich and should have an update very soon.  I am also starting the planning of a Lion I am doing for a commission.  As soon as I finish the Ostrich I will start the Lion and will post that work in progress.

Don't forget..... Keep Scribbling!!!


  1. Congratulations Gemma on your news and also congratulations on another successful convention! Looking forward to seeing the Ostrich.

  2. Thanks Teresa!! I missed seeing you at the convention this year. Maybe you will be able to attend next year. It's going to be in the Cincinnati area.

  3. Gemma, its Pat from the CAG. Nice work. I was noticing that you said the convention will be in Cincinnati next year? I would like to come to that. I suppose you know Vera Curnow if you are involved in the CPSA. I am from the West side of Cincinnati and was visiting my parents who are not far from Rising Sun where Vera's studio is at the Pendelton Center. Small world. Congrats on your Strokes of Genius acceptance. I would like to enter that but always forget.

  4. Hi Pat,

    Yea... I do know Vera, I'm on the board of directors of CPSA and of course she is the founder. She is a wonderful person who I respect and think a lot of. It would be great to meet you in person, you should definitely try to make the convention next year.

    Thanks.... I am very excited about being accepted for the Strokes of Genius... I'm on cloud nine about it, LOL.

    Thanks again,

  5. Congratz Gemma!!! Great news and well deserved!! Those are two of my favs of yours.