Friday, January 22, 2010

Mountain Lion with Reflections - Work in Progress

While in Montana a few years ago I took this photo of this Mountain Lion. I love how the reflections reflect the face in full view along with the splash of the water and ripples as he is stepping in. I got several shots of this Mountain Lion and hope to do several of them with Colored Pencil and maybe do a piece in pastel.
I decided to do this one on beige Suede Board. I will be filling in the drawing completely, there won't be any of the suede board showing as I did with the Rottweiler below. I love how the suede board works with the colored pencils. The interesting thing with the suede board is you can add your highlights on top of dark pencil and it shows up quite nicely. The suede board works very similar to a sanded surface. If you haven't tried it you should.
I now have the contour drawing done and I'm starting to color it in. I should have an update of my progress in a few days or so. If you have any questions at all feel free to speak up.


  1. Hello Gemma! I love your work and am enjoying looking thru your blog. This is the most beautiful picture of a mountain lion that I think I've ever seen. You are not only a great artist but a great photographer too! I wait anxiously to see your work come to life.

  2. Thanks Brenda!! I really appreciate that!!