Thursday, January 14, 2010

Finally Back - Zebras Are Done And A New Portrait Too!

Hello Everyone,

It's been a long time since I posted and I do apologize for that. We had a few deaths in our family and my Mother was very ill for quite some time. She is doing well now and things are finally coming back to normal.

The Workshop I taught in Livermore was a wonderful success and I had a great time teaching it. I finally got a chance to get back to drawing and was able to finish Zebras. I decided to title this "LOL". It was very interesting working on the Artboard and I have to say I would definitely do another piece on the board. The arches paper attached to the board accepts Colored Pencil quite well and was really fun to work with. If any of you are interested in looking into the Artboard surface you can go to this link:

During the time I was away from my blog I was asked to do a portrait of a beautiful Rottweiler named Dutch. Dutch is the Father to the litter of puppies my dog, Harlow, gave birth to in August. She had seven cute little puppies and we decided to keep one of them. We were able to find homes for all of the others. We named our puppy “A National Treasure” and his call name is Cage. I just hope he turns out to be as beautiful as his Mom and Dad.

Well anyway…. The portrait I did of Dutch was done on Suede mat board, the color is called Moccasin. I love the way the Suede board works with the Colored Pencil. One of the things I like best about the suede board is you can add the lights on top of the darks and they show up very nicely. It behaves a lot like a sanded surface. The other nice thing about it is you don’t have to do the background; you leave the suede board in that area, which seems to work quite well on a portrait.

I’m glad to be finally be back updating my blog and I promise I will be doing updates much more often than I have in the last 4 months, so please come back and check for more updates.


  1. Hi Gemma, so sorry to hear of the deaths in your family and your Mom's illness. Good to hear that she is better now. Pups were born and a pup stayed during this time? Now that makes for a full plate. :-) You have done a fabulous job on Dutch - I am sure his owners are most pleased! Welcome back to the blogging world and may 2010 be a wonderful year for you!

  2. Beautiful work Gemma! LOL makes me smile every time ;-)

  3. The LOL painting is great; love the colors and composition - not to mention the title :)
    Wonderful portrait of the rottie too!

  4. Hey Gemma! Nice to see someone else working on suedeboard! Your portrait of Dutch is incredible!!! Much better than any of my paintings on suedeboard. Yes, Moccasin is a lovely color.


  5. Thanks everyone for your comments!!