Saturday, July 18, 2009

Zebra's Laughing Out Loud - WIP Continued

Well... I was able to get another one of the zebras in. I thought I would post what I have done so far.

Tomorrow I am going to go to the three day workshop I talked about in another post. I will be learning to do Animals in Pastels. I'm really looking forward to taking this workshop. The instructor is Lesley Harrison. In case you want to see her work here is a link to her website:

Anyway.... back to the zebras. I like how these are coming along. In fact I kind of wish I would have done them larger like I usually do. These are only 8" x 10", that's a lot smaller than I usually work. I really like the Artboard with Arches hot press water color paper on it. I love how the pencils lay down and it seems to take lots of layers.

I probably won't be able to get much work done on these in the next couple of weeks. I have lots going on but if I do I will be sure to post the progress.

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