Thursday, July 23, 2009

"Africa From the Back Side" Photography

In September, 2008 my husband and I took a trip to South Africa. That had to be the best vacation I have ever taken. We went to two Game Reserve Parks and I took over 5,000 pictures of the animals. Wow... what an experience.

I recently decided to try to enter some of my photos in a photography contest given by "Photography Forum Magazine". One of the photos I entered was the zebras on the left. I titled the photograph, "Africa From The Back Side". From what I understand, there were 3,500 photographers that entered that contest. I entered 4 of my photos. I just got a letter from the magazine telling me that one of my photos was accepted. I was so excited I was literally jumping up and down. The accepted photos will be published in a coffee table book titled "Best of Photography 2009". They still need to judge the show for the winners and we will hear the results of that judging August, 17, 2009. I don't expect to win anything but, I am just absolutely thrilled that I was accepted in the show along with being published in the book.

If you are interested in the information about the contest you can go to this link:


  1. Congrats Gemma!!What a wonderful photograph!

  2. Thanks Meisie!!!! I was so excited, lol.

  3. Hi Gemma. Definitely the vacation of a lifetime! Congratulations on your wonderful photo and on the acceptance!! A coffee table book - woo-hoo! That's very exciting. No wonder you were jumping up and down. :-)

    P.S. I shall introduce myself next week in Atlanta. I look forward to meeting you in person!

  4. Oh thank you Tesesa. I look forward to meeting you in Atlanta.