Monday, June 8, 2009

Pride's Promise - Work in Progress, Con't

I wasn't able to do to much on this but I have been able to proceed on the cub some. I have his little face completely done and I'm now starting to work on his body.

It has been such a joy to draw these two. There is a great little story behind them..... when we were in Africa we were following a den of lions. There were 5 females and 10-11 cubs. We followed them down into a sandy dry riverbed. It was cooler down there because it was down in a ravine. We sat there in our Landrover for a while and I took several pictures of the entire den. When we decided to leave the Landrover would not go into 4 wheel drive. We got stuck..... big time! We had to just sit there until the lions decided to leave. Once they left we were able to get out of the vehicle to get it unstuck. Needless to say I have a bunch of pictures of these lions. I'm sure I will be drawing them for a long long time. Enjoy!

Here is close up of the little guys face:

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  1. lookin good there Gems!!!! I'm sure happy that your working again. ;)