Sunday, June 14, 2015

Endangered Reflections

Hello All,

It is so nice to be back working on my artwork for myself; it’s been a long time.  With the book and the Craftsy online course I just haven’t had the time to work on my own stuff.

I took the photo of this Amur Leopard while I was at a wildlife sanctuary in Montana.  This will be one of the “Reflection” series I started a while back.

Size:  22” x 12”
Medium:  Colored Pencil (Prismacolor, Lyra, Colorsoft and Derwent Studios)
Surface:  Champagne colored suede mat board
Title:  Endangered Reflections
Reference:  My own photo

The first image is the reference photo and the second image is just a small section of the piece I'm working on.

I'm still working on this area and still need to push the values a bit more.  I thought I'd post a work in progress of this piece.

It's so nice to be back working at my own art!

Don't forget to keep scribbling!!

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