Friday, April 4, 2014

Artists for Conservation: Saving nature one stroke at a time tour!

Here's Lookin' At Ya!

Hi All,

I am absolutely thrilled to hear that my Ostrich will participate in a Gallery tour by Artists for Conservation!

The title of the tour is "Artists for Conservation:  Saving nature one stroke at a time".  This is a huge honor and the tour will start at the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation in Florida.

To see some of the details about the Guy Harvey show, click on this link: 

About This Project:  Bringing Artists for Conservation to Broward County in May is an opportunity for us to share our passion for art AND our environment. With budgets for art education suffering, and critical environmental and natural resources under stress, we need Artists for Conservation to bolster our region's commitment to both art and the environment.  It is truly art with a purpose, art for a cause.  

Right now I am definitely doing a happy dance!!!!  Don't forget, Keep Scribbling!!