Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sleeping Lion Cub WIP - 02 Silent Aution Piece

Hi All,

Here's an update of the piece I'm doing for the Colored Pencil Society of America silent auction.

There's not a whole lot to say about the piece.  It's done in 100% colored pencil on Ampersand's Pastelbord.

I'm close to being done so it looks like I will be finished with this piece in time.... Phew, LOL.  So far I'm happy with the piece.... of course I just love the subject matter, this little guy is so darn cute sleeping with one eye half open.  As usual I'm having a problem with coming up with a title, if any of you have a suggest it would be greatly appreciated.

If you should have any comments or questions just let me know and above all..... Keep Scribbling.



  1. You are an amazing artist. Your art takes my breath away. I'm becomming a huge fan of colored pencil paintings/drawings. I've been collecting all the prismacolors and some polychromos. Not sure where to start, but also a big fan of animals and wildlife. What paper would you recommend a beginner to start with. I'm, sure pastelboard uses the pencils up quickly.

    1. Thank you very much for your kind comment!

      When I first started I used Stonehenge paper, I also like Strathmore 400 Bristol vellum. However; I prefer the sanded surfaces or suede mat board because they allow you to add lighter colors on top of the darker colors.