Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Raccoon - Work in Progress - 5

Hello Everyone,

 Here's another update on this little guy.  I'm fairly pleased with the way he is coming out so farThis really isn't a good stage to share because the difference in hair color really doesn't make sense.  If you refer to the reference photo I posted earlier it will make better senseThe lighter redish color on his fur is due to the sunlight.

I don't really have much more to say or share with you so if you should have questions let me know.

Keep Scribbling!!!!


  1. Wow, love the details and rich colors you have so far Gemma!

  2. Man how I would love to see this up close to see your strokes and such! That fur is unbelievable!!! Just stunning!


  3. Thanks Nancy, you are to kind!!! I really appreciate that.

  4. Your doing something different...I can see it! Whatever it is, it's working great for you. OH, and I do have a question, "what's taking so long?" lol. Miss you.

  5. Hi Toni! Thanks! I had to take a break to finish the commission I had to do. I now just got another commission so I am going to try to finish this piece before I start the new commission piece. Hopefully it will be done soon.
    Thanks again and miss you too!!

  6. This is another beautiful drawing/painting...Thanks for sharing it with us.