Saturday, January 22, 2011

Raccoon - Work in Progress - 3

Hi All,

Here's another update on the Raccoon.  I didn't bother to post the whole artwork because the only change was to the raccoon's face.  

I'm am using some pastels in this piece but not much.  I used pastel in the blue of the sky (pastel over pencil) and a few pastels under the colored pencil in some of the fur areas.  I would guess that this artwork is about 80% colored pencil so far.

One of the things I have found with the pastel is.... if you are using the harder pastels you need to lay those down before the CP.  If you use a softer pastel it will cover the CP.

I used pastel pencils in the rusty colored fur.  First I did an under-painting with the pastel pencils and then went over that with Colored pencil.  Another pencil that does really well on the Suede mat board is General's Carbon Sketch pencil.  It will layer over the CP quite nicely.  I was able to go in after the fur was almost complete and punch up some of the blacks.  

Keep in mind, because of the pastels that I'm using, this piece would not be eligible for the Colored Pencil Society of America's International Exhibition.  It would however; be OK for the "Explore This!" exhibition.

So far, I'm really enjoying drawing this cute little fella.  If you should have any questions let me know, I'll be happy to help in anyway I can.

Keep Scribbling,


  1. I'm amazed you can get all that on suede! He's adorable.

  2. Awww... thanks Nicole, I really appreciate that!!

  3. He is a cutie, suede mat board, I'm impressed, are you using your icarus on this?

  4. Thanks Gloria!! I'm not using the Icarus board because Mat board tends to warp with heat.