Sunday, November 28, 2010

Rottweiler - Work In Progress - 3 - Finished!

Hi All,

Well.... I'm calling this one finished.  I'm going to be delivering this to the person who commissioned me to do, tomorrow.  I'm excited about the timing of getting this finished.  The person I did this for has been at the dog show for the last three days and in just three days she got her Novice Obedience title on her male Rottie.  Not only did she get her title in just three days her scores were really high, they were 195.5, 196.5 and 190 out of 200.  That was so awesome!  She will be at the dog show tomorrow and I think it will be fun to deliver this to her after the last 3 great days she had at the dog show, she's been anxious to have me finish it.

I pretty much used the same pallet throughout the drawing except on the tongue.  There I used most of the pinks that Prismacolor has as well as some blue violet, henna, black grape, cool grey 90%, white and clay rose.

Now  I'm going to get back to my Raccoon I started, so watch for the updates on that piece.

If you should have any questions or comments please let me know.
Keep Scribbling!


  1. Looks beautiful Gemma! I'm sure she will be excited to receive this tomorrow!

  2. It's beautiful!!!!!

  3. Thanks Beth and JD1954, I really appreciate your kind comments.