Sunday, February 14, 2010

Reflections - Work in Progress - update 3

I finished the lions face and started working my way over to the grasses on the right side of the artwork.

I have about a third of it done now, I sure hope I can finish it before the Colored Pencil Society of America Exhibition deadline. The deadline is March 31st. so if I keep working hard at it I should be able to finish it. I tend to work very slow but I am trying really hard to finish this in time.

As you can see the grasses are starting to grow out of the water. Water is always fun to create but doing it on this suede board makes it so much easier. You can lay down your dark colors and then draw the reflections on top of the dark. It is so much more like painting than colored pencils usually are done on Stonehenge or Watercolor paper. I did the grasses also by laying down the darker colors and then drawing in the individual grasses on top of that. Then I came back with black and drew in some negative space to give it the depth I was trying to achieve.

I also like the softness I am able to get on this suede, it is wonderful to do animal fur on. The Suede Board can be hard to find at times but all you need to do is go to your favorite Framer and ask them to order it for you. It comes in sheets of 30" X 40" and in lots of really nice colors. You do want to be careful and not choose a color to dark because you may have a problem covering the suede board.

If you have any questions or comments just ask away. Keep Scribbling! Gemma


  1. This is just beautiful and sure to steal the spotlight in the show!! It would definitely be my favorite!! Outstanding from the photo to the work!!!

  2. Thank You Brenda!! That is so nice of you!

  3. What a fantastic job Gems!!! I could never get the look you're getting on suede board, and it was my favorite support for quite awhile. It's really nice to see someone else using it. What made you try it out????

  4. Thanks Nancy!!!!! I have a really good artist friend of mine who uses it all the time. Her name is Shirley Isola. She was on Wetcanvas as Shirl, she does mostly horses and some dogs. She kept telling me she thought I would like it so I thought I would finally try it out. And... she's right I just love it.

  5. Your big kitty is coming along very nicely dear...

    and LOL @ Shirl...

    So chop chop back to the board for you, you have a deadline to meet!

  6. Toni.... yes I do... and I'm trying, I'm trying!