Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Golden Retriever Named Reba - WIP 3

Hi All,

Here's another update of Reba. I'm very close to being done.

I'm continuing to use Prismacolor and Derwent Colorsoft pencils. What I do when drawing hair is I lay down the medium color first and then add the lighter and darker hairs on top of that. I continually play with the hair going back and forth with the light, medium and dark hairs until I get it looking the the way I want it. One thing with the Suede Board is the earlier layers are always a bit ugly. When working on Suede board, you need to hang in there with the drawing because it does go through ugly stages.

I tend to always draw a small patch to completion as I go. It's not necessary to draw that way on the suede board, it's just the way I do it. I work that way no matter what support I'm using.

As I have mentioned before, the suede board color is moccasin. If you should decide to try the suede board, be careful not to pick a color darker than moccasin, it would be difficult to cover if it were darker.

If you should have any questions at all, let me know.
Keep Scribbling!!


  1. Oh this is looking so beautiful! You portray her personality so well!
    You can understand why this dog is best with kids! The kids I nanny have a Golden Retriever and takes such abuse from them and it's still a loving dog!

  2. Thanks Dianna!!! Goldens are great dogs, I know several of them and they are very sweet.