Thursday, April 29, 2010

CPSA Silent Auction Donation WIP

Hello All,

I was invited to donate an artwork to the Colored Pencil Society of America Silent Auction at the convention this year.

I decided to draw this wolf for the silent auction. I photographed him while I was in Montana a few years ago. What a beautiful animal they are!

I plan on doing the wolf on gray Suede Mat board and of course using colored pencils.

I have several shots of this wolf so I'm sure I will do more artwork from my reference photos in the future.

Be sure to check back because I will be posting updates of the progress on this piece. Don't forget.... Keep Scribbling!! Gemma


  1. A wonderful reference photo Gemma. I am sure there will be much bidding on this at the silent auction! I love wolves. I find it very sad that humans have hunted them to the point of extinction. We still have wolves in the wild in Canada but most countries don't. Anyway, I look forward to your wips!

  2. Thanks Teresa! I agree, it's sad that these beautiful animals are so close to extinction. I hope to see you at the CPSA Convention!